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Flippy Wheels is a rag-doll physics adventure game in which you can jump off buildings, smash glass & avoid explosives and arrow gunsin Flippy Wheels.
Try to beat the infinite amount of user-generated levels as quickly as possible, keeping as many limbs as possible.
Ridiculous rag-doll physics will keep you flipping through crazy levels on your vehicle of choice.
Users can create their own levels using the level editor and share them on the level browser for other users to play!
Watch your level climb to the top of the charts, as other players play and rate it.
Flippy Wheels contains cartoon violence/blood.

Flippy Wheels is not associated with Total jerk face (Creators of ‘Happy Wheels’)
  1. This game sucks you can’t even ragdoll and when you do die your body is stood straight like wtf I expected this to be good but it sucks and the creators need to fix now like foreal now I already deleted it when I saw it was retarted
2. Just like any other mobile game inspired by an indie game this game isn’t perfect but I expect as much. Sure, it has its flaws but you gotta give credit where its due. The loading time is a little longer than expected and the performance isn’t perfect but I’m sure in time it will run a bit smoother. It may not be an exact clone of Happy Wheels but it is pretty close. Its worth trying if you enjoy Happy Wheels.
Flippy Wheels APK Download Free

What’s New Flippy Wheels

 Flippy Wheels Audio, New backgrounds (Works online now), Optimizations.