Contacts-drupe Your way

App menus are in English. extra languages are coming back soon: Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French and a lot of contacts.
WOW your automaton with AN app like no alternative.
We bring your contacts and communication apps along in one place, that’s accessible from all of your screens. need to contact someone? simply swipe the contact to the proper app and obtain in touch! straightforward.

Bits and bytes contacts:

A new thanks to move together with your contacts – unified swipe for all interactions
A unified recent communications log contacts – calls, SMS, electronic communication and a lot of
An automatic, customizable favorites list
A semi-transparent trigger icon is often with you – activated with one swipe
Integrated with: decision, SMS, email, calendar, WhatsApp, Facebook traveler, Skype, Tango, Voxer, Hangout, Telegram, Viber, Line, We Chat, Hike, Waze, Google Maps
Easy search- Reach all of your contacts from the most screen
Customize your favorites and communication apps by preference
Get facilitate with change relevant contact information – good look for your friends in Skype, Facebook and a lot of contacts.

Easily launch stone fruit from your lock screen moreover, for fast and simple access to your contacts
Interact with an equivalent cluster over totally different apps contacts.

We don't drain your battery life– not like others, we actually mean it
Contact with only one swipe - victimization stone fruit, you'll reach anyone on your contact list, victimization your most popular communication app, with only one swipe.

Always around - affirmative, stone fruit is at intervals your reach whenever you wish it. Don’t worry, we tend to created certain it’s not annoying. we tend to simply left a small trigger icon, our four dots, that's with you across all apps and screens. Whenever you wish to contact somebody, simply swipe the dots and drupe. It’s that straightforward.

Organizes your address book chaos -Those of you United Nations agency ne'er had address book maintenance problems, raise your hand. No one? Right. It’s regarding time we’ve had some facilitate with keeping our address book up-to-date and solve the duplicate contacts issue.

Launch all of your communication apps from one place –Once we all know United Nations agency we would like to contact, a world jam-packed with communication apps is at our feet. There ar such a lot of of them. stone fruit makes it a lot of easier to choose that app to use, and to quickly begin the interaction. WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook traveler, Skype, phone… are tired, and there are a lot of.

Communicate with teams across apps – you'll either produce new teams or replicate existing ones, however now relish WhatsApp, conference calls, cluster emails or perhaps cluster calendar invitations, with only one swipe. you bought it right, same cluster across all apps…

Unified recent communications feed – Finally you'll track your recent communications log in one place, call log, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook traveler and a lot of.
 What's New
hike traveler support
Control the quantity of apps on the most screen
Remove a contact from favorites
Control contacts suggestions
Multiple WhatsApp numbers per contact
Control email signature
Changed not-so-pretty pins to lovely stars
A "What's New" screen within the app :)